Ryanair passengers in 51-hour flight delay at Lanzarote airport

Passengers stranded in Lanzarote for 51 hours due to 'bad weather'

Ryanair passengers in 51-hour flight delay at Lanzarote airport

Ryanair passengers were left furious after their flight was delayed at Lanzarote airport for 51 hours.

The airline put the delay down to bad weather, but many passengers were not happy with the way it was handled.

Over 400 passengers were stranded after weather affected flights to Stansted, Birmingham, and East Midlands on Friday.

One passenger, Corinne Redfern, live-tweeted the ordeal, writing 41 updates about it online.

According to Travel Mole, her tweets included the Ryanair help desk being closed, being charged for water, and the bus forgetting to collect the group of 400 holidaymakers from their hotel.

The Metro reports they were woken up at 4am on Saturday for a rescheduled flight. When they arrived they sat on the plane for two hours before being removed.

Corinne said they were given the choice of spending £200 on their own hotel for Saturday night and wait for a refund, or wait for Ryanair to find one for them.

Ms Redfern's group got home on Sunday afternoon having been scheduled to take of on Friday morning at 11.45am.

A Ryanair spokesman told the Daily Mail: "Due to severe weather at Lanzarote, three flights to Birmingham, East Midlands and London Stansted were delayed on Friday and Saturday.

"Affected customers were provided with meal vouchers and hotel accommodation, and were sent regular updates by email and SMS text.

"Weather improvements allowed normal flight operations to resume on Sunday when these flights operated.

"Ryanair sincerely apologised to all customers affected by these weather delays, which were entirely beyond our control, and all customers returned home on Sunday."

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