Ashya King's father 'treated like criminal' by Border Force staff

Stopped by passport control at Gatwick Airport

Ashya King's father

Ashya King's father said he was "treated like a criminal" by Border Force staff when he arrived back in the UK.

An angry Brett King, whose son Ashya is a brain cancer sufferer, confronted police at London's Gatwick Airport after being stopped at passport control with his other son Naveed.

He told officers: "How would you feel, coming back into your own country and you are treated like a criminal?

"What have I done except help my son?"

The confrontation is shown in an undated camera phone video posted on YouTube by Naveed this afternoon. Words: PA

It starts with Mr King sitting in a holding area at passport control as he tells how the two of them had their passports seized when they arrived and were asked to wait in a holding area.

After a policeman calmly tells Mr King he cannot see the computer information about them - but will not be arrested - he storms off, followed by his son.

Mr King and his wife Naghmeh sparked an international manhunt when they removed five-year-old Ashya from Southampton General Hospital on August 28 without medical consent.

Their son has now completed a course of treatment at the Proton Therapy Centre (PTC) in Prague and is now recuperating with the family in Spain.

At the start of the video Mr King says he had been told there would be no problems if he returned to the UK.

He adds: "But already, on my first attempt to come back to England ... I'm having problems."

A Home Office spokesman said: "We do not routinely comment on individual cases."

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