Art collector leaves €1 million Chinese scroll on train

Man loses art work worth a fortune

Man loses art work worth a million on Paris to Geneva train

An art collector has unwittingly lost a 13th century Chinese scroll worth €1 million (£800,000) on a train near Geneva.

Francesco Plateroti lost the scroll, "The Banquet of Immortals on the Terrace of Jade", by Wang Zhenpeng, as he travelled on the high-speed TGV train between Paris and Geneva on 21 November.

He presented the work of art at an exhibition in Paris, before taking the high-speed Paris to Geneva train, getting off at Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, the final stop before Geneva.

When Plateroti realised he'd left his valuable art work onboard, the train had already left the stain.

Staff immediately contacted colleagues in Geneva, but the artwork was not found on the train, and has not been handed in.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Plateroti said: "I was crushed when I realised I didn't have it with me. It was a massive shock."

The collector, who lectures in art around the world, has offered a reward for its return.

But he told The Local: "People take advantage of my misfortune.

"They are calling me to say they have the painting and that they will send it once I put the reward money in their bank accounts.

"This all makes having lost the painting a lot worse."

He says he remains optimistic he will get it returned, and that it cannot be legally sold or exhibited without its certificate of authenticity, which he still retains.

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