Man injured by moped sent flying by pop-up toilet

Pop-up toilet 'malfunction' leaves man with severe injuries in Amsterdam

Man injured by moped sent flying by pop-up toilet

A man has been injured after being hit by a moped that was sent flying by a pop-up toilet.

The man was standing near the retractable toilet on Friday night when it emerged from the ground, throwing a moped that was sitting on top of it into the air.

The moped landed on the man who was rushed to hospital with severe stomach injuries, reports the BBC.

The incident occurred at around 7.30pm in Weteringschans in Amsterdam.

Onlooker Sean Davis tweeted a picture of the incident saying: "Literally just walked bast this explosion about 2 minutes before. Feeling lucky."

The loos, called Urilifts, have been placed around the city in a bid to prevent clubbers from urinating in public, and emerge at night.

According to the Mirror, one of the Urilifts malfunctioned, 'exploding' out of the ground without warning.

The Daily Mail reports that the injured man was a worker who services the Urilifts.

The paper adds that local councils have introduced the pop-up loos in other European cities, including some in the UK, at Islington, Watford and Guildford.

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