Wild boar destroy children's playground in Gloucestershire

Children's play area "left looking like battleground"


The rocketing population of wild boar in Gloucestershire has been blamed for a children's play area being destroyed in the Forest of the Dean.

Safety issues were raised after the animals began grazing on the land in Primrose Hill over the past two months, leaving it "looking like a battleground".

Council leaders are now considering using anti-boar fencing to prevent the wild boar from attacking the playground again.

A Lydney Town Council spokesman told the Gloucester Citizen that they can only limit the damage the boar cause and not control the animals.

Ian Harvey, wildlife manager for the Forestry Commission, told the Daily Mail: "The play equipment is well used and there's always the concern that a child or adult could turn their feet badly on the uneven ground.

"It's an area the boar have expanded into to feed. If they find an area which has a good source of food they will keep coming back."

Homeowners in the village of Lydney say their gardens have been damaged.

Lydney deputy mayor Brian Thomas said: "The play area looks like a battleground. It's not very good for walking or running in.

"It's no longer fit for purpose.

"We're going to attempt to fence it off from the forest, but it's not registered land so we can't surround it completely."

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