Air hostess sacked after airline spots racy pictures in magazine

Turkish Airlines fired Zuhal Sengul when pictures from photo shoot emerged


A flight attendant was sacked when airline bosses discovered photos of her in a sexy magazine shoot.

Zuhal Sengul, 31, is seen flaunting her figure in a bikini and raunchy outfits in a video posted online.

Turkish Airlines fired Sengul after posing for the pictures which were featured in an Italian magazine, the Daily Mail reports.

According to Metro, an airline statement read: "There are certain standards and qualities we expect from our staff and modelling is not one of them."

While critics said the move was influenced by a shift towards more conservative, Islamic values, a spokesman for the airline's labour union said: "This new guideline is totally down to Turkish Airlines management's desire to shape the company to fit its own political and ideological stance."

Last year, British Airways was forced to investigate a video posted on YouTube showing an air stewardess stripping and being rinsed off in a bath by a colleague.

The eight-minute clip showed one of the hostesses getting into a bath, believed to be in a hotel during a stopover between flights, as the other showers and massages her.

The stripping stewardess then removes her uniform and is seen in her lingerie.

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