First snow of winter set to fall in Britain next week

Reports suggest it could snow next week in the UK

First snow of winter set to fall in Britain next week

The reasonably mild temperatures Britain has been enjoying will give way to a more wintry feel next week - with some forecasters suggesting we could even see some snow.

According to the Mirror, on Monday night, the first day of December, rain predicted to fall in Scotland and some parts of the north west of England could turn to snow.

The Express reports that the jet stream bringing devastating snow storms to the US will have knock-on effects, bringing freezing weather to Britain.

The Daily Mail also reports "a large, frosty front will sweep over the country next week after dumping the first of the winter snow in Scotland".

Met Office meteorologist, Greg Dewhurst, told the paper: "We could possibly see a little bit of snow on the highest ground of the Highlands on Monday night from incoming showers.

"Elsewhere, most places will be cold and dry and there will be some mist and fog about too."

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, says temperatures will drop next week but the Arctic plunge won't hit until Friday. He told Aol Travel: "Monday will be mostly cloudy and temperatures a few degrees lower. There will be rain on a cold front reaching the north west in the evening.

"The cold front and a little light rain moves south early Tuesday with clearer and colder weather following.

"Much of the rest of next week will stay mainly dry under high pressure with widespread frost across central Britain on Wednesday morning, and in the south on Thursday morning.

"Fog will be a problem again by Thursday morning with some dense fog likely. It will be less cold by night with cloud and drizzly weather over north west Britain.

"We may see another brief colder Arctic plunge during next Friday to next weekend with some wintry showers. The fog will be swept away to much clearer weather again."

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