See what landing in a thick fog looks like (video)

Fog so thick the pilot can't even see the runway at Dublin Airport


Autopilot Safely Assists Plane Through Fog

It can't be easy landing a plane in thick fog, especially when the pilot can't see the runway.

This video captures the dramatic moment a pilot turned to auto-pilot to land a plane in Dublin airport.

As the plane prepares to land, the runway cannot even be seen beneath the layer of thick fog.

Finally, just 100 feet above land, the lights of the landing strip comes into view.

The video was uploaded to YouTube with the caption: "It was a foggy morning in Dublin. The fog was forecast to clear before we arrived but it never did. So, we carried out an automatic landing. This video shows a cockpit view."

The plane's "Autoland" technology helps the pilot touch down smoothly despite having zero visibility.

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