Car bounces off lorry and hits another vehicle on M6 (video)

Passengers escape injury as car bounces across motorway

Car bounces off lorry on M6 (video)

A lorry's SmartWitness dash cam has captured the moment a car slid right in front of it before bouncing across the lanes of the M6 and ending up facing the opposite direction in the middle of the road.

The blue Nissan Note loses control in wet weather and slides in front of the HGV, before twisting round and bumping into another car on the inside lane.

Nobody was injured in the crash, which occurred on the M6 in Staffordshire, reports the Metro.

The bad weather could have been a factor in keeping everybody safe, as other drivers had slowed down to around 40mph.

Back in October, the terrifying moment a family car crashed into a lorry at 50mph and was shunted along the motorway was caught on camera.

The Honda civic was attempting to join the motorway between two lorries but clipped the front wing of the rear lorry, which caused it to flip sideways and end up in the lorry's path.

The lorry driver managed to bring his truck and the Honda Civic safely to a standstill on the hard shoulder.

In this case, the SmartWitness camera came in very handy for the lorry driver, when he had to prove the crash was not his fault.

Britain's deadliest roads

Britain's deadliest roads

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