Lorry driver killed in horrific crash with two trains (video)

Truck hit by trains after skidding onto railway line in Kazakhstan

Lorry driver killed in horrific crash with two trains (video)

A horrific crash between a lorry and two trains in Kazakhstan has been caught on camera.

The truck driver lost his life in the collision that occurred between Kondratovka and Petropavlovsk stations on the South Urals Railway, according to RT News.

The driver can be seen trying to bring his lorry to a halt as he drives up to a railway line. But the icy conditions mean he's unable to stop in time, and skids onto the track - and is hit by two oncoming trains.

The lorry got dragged along by a cargo train for several metres, and in the process got turned around for a head-on collision with a passenger train coming from the opposite direction.

Debris from the truck then hit the cargo train, derailing several carriages.

The lorry driver was killed at the scene, but there were no other reported injuries.

Back in 2012, dramatic video footage of a train slicing a truck in half at Kings Mountain, North Carolina, was posted on YouTube.

A terrified witness was heard screaming as she filmed the accident, which saw a cargo train rip through a tractor-trailer that had got stuck on the level crossing near Battleground Avenue and Oak Street, according to the Daily Mail.

At least five police cars attended the crash scene, which saw the truck's load of cotton spread across surrounding ground.

In this case, however, the driver and his passenger literally just managed to escape before the train hit, and no injuries were reported.

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