Britain set to freeze next week as temperatures plummet to -7C

Temperatures to hit -7C in parts of the UK

Britain set to freeze next week as temperatures plummet

The UK has recently been enjoying some mild weather - but temperatures are set to drop next week as Britain feels a cold snap.

Temperatures have recently been hovering around a relatively balmy 15C, and the warm(ish) weather will continue over the weekend.

Cold temperatures will then start to hit from Sunday, and could cause travel disruption.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel UK, told Aol Travel: "It will feel quite cold on Sunday. In the rain over the south east, temperatures could be pulled down to only 5C in the afternoon after a mild start early in the day. So, a rather miserable day and best to stay in and sit by the fire!

"It looks like a frosty and icy start to Monday across Wales and southern Britain with temperatures as low as -2 or -3C. Be prepared for an icy journey to work.

"There will be a colder feel to the weather next week, and there will be more frosts, especially over the north.

"Tuesday could be another cold and wet day over the south, temperatures perhaps only 5 or 6C at best.

"On Wednesday morning, Scotland may see dawn temperatures as low as -7C."

Brrr. Could be a good time to plan that winter escape?

Winter breaks with guaranteed sunshine

Winter breaks with guaranteed sunshine

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