Dog narrowly avoids becoming crocodile dinner (video)

Curious puppy almost ends up in crocodile's jaws

Puppy narrowly avoids becoming crocodile dinner (video)

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it almost killed the dog in this instance.

A video has emerged showing a puppy coming terrifyingly close to being a crocodile's next meal.

The canine can be seen wandering near the water's edge, curious as to what's in there.

The crocodile sees its perfect opportunity to attack and lunges out of the water, missing the dog by millimetres.

The yelping animal runs away as fast as it can, while the crocodile slinks back into the murky water.

The video, which we first saw at the Mirror, was uploaded to Live Leak and has since gone viral.

There has been a mix of responses to the footage, with one man wondering why someone is filming seemingly without helping the animal, writing: "Pretty sh***y to sit there and hope the croc eats the dog so you get it on film."

Another user responded: "What are you supposed to do? Dogs don't speak English. Yelling at it would distract it and get it eaten. Being quiet allowed the dog to at least focus and pull that awesome move to escape the jaws."

One man was in agreement, writing: "Your dog would be dinner for sure if you did something like that, he did the right thing by staying quiet. Yelling to the dog would have distracted it, its focus would have switched to you and it never would have seen the croc coming."

But someone else added: "The guy filming should have been in crocodile's jaws," with another writing: "The person behind the camera is an a******."

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