Masked gang storms restaurant - hungry man stays put

Astonishing moment man in restaurant seems unfazed by raid

Masked gang storms restaurant - hungry man stays put

What do you do when a huge masked gang storms the restaurant you're eating in? Get up and run for your life, right? Well not this man, who happily carried on drinking while watching the 'show' unfold around him.

According to the Mirror, over 30 men armed with weapons, including guns, burst into the eatery in Russia.

Other terrified diners scatter in fear, but not one man, who continues as if nothing is happening.

The food must be truly excellent, or perhaps he just hadn't eaten for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, back in March, a customer at a McDonlald's in Peterborough got the fright of his life when he came out of the toilet to discover the place had been raided by armed robbers.

Police were called after a man wearing a balaclava and brandishing a hand gun burst into the McDonald's in Eastgate, Peterborough, on Monday.

Afterwards self-employed electrical contractor Jon Benson took to Twiiter to describe how he missed the drama but emerged from the lavatory to find the restaurant deserted.

He wrote: "Just come out of the toilet at McDonald's in Peterborough to armed police.

"Place got robbed whilst I was in there. And it's my birthday."

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