Squirrel steals GoPro camera and makes a run for it (video)

Cute squirrel becomes online celebrity after stealing GoPro camera

Squirrel steals GoPro camera and makes a run for it (video)

A cute squirrel has become an online hit after stealing a GoPro camera - and running off up a tree while still clutching his find.

Montreal resident David Freiheit left his camera at the base of a tree with bread bait attached, and waited to see if anything happened, reports the Daily Telegraph and The Denver Channel.

After 'dancing' around in front of the camera for a little while, the little creature grabs it and makes a run for it up a tree, thinking it might be a tasty treat.

He manages to capture Mr Freiheit on film as he investigates the object and, when he discovers it's not lunch, hurls it off the branch he's sitting on down onto the pavement.

The video has become an online hit, and has been viewed over 650,000 times.

One YouTube user wrote: "This will never get old. I love squirrels. Wait until you see his little fingers."

While another wasn't quite so kind, writing: "Little b*****d ."

Squirrels are obviously camera-lovers. Back in February, a pair of red squirrels went nuts for the camera when they stole the spotlight during a photography shoot.

The cheeky creatures moved in when Peter Smith left his camera alone for a moment - with one of the squirrels clearly showing a preference for being on the other side of the lens

Wildlife Photographer Of the Year shortlist 2014

Wildlife Photographer Of the Year shortlist 2014

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