Is this the worst parking attempt ever? (video)

Driver eventually helped by passer-by


A driver in California was filmed trying to park into a large space and failing, forcing a passer-by to help her.

In the video, the woman is seen struggling to reverse and park her white car between the lines, turning the wheels the wrong way for around four minutes.

WPTV reports that the woman waved over a man to help her and he quickly pulled into the space but after running her errands she was unable to reverse the car out of the space.

The woman is seen getting into the car and turns the wheel the wrong way, scraping the 4x4 beside her and finally realising she needs to turn the wheel the opposite way.

Someone is heard asking "why is this girl driving?" in the video.

The driver finally manages to pull out of the space and drives off, without checking the damage she may have caused to the car she scraped.

The parking took four minutes for her first attempt, 40 seconds for the man to help her and three minutes for her to leave the space. The video has gone viral on the internet and has been dubbed one of the worst parking attempts ever.

Strange driving laws around the world

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