Video emerges of tiger on the loose two miles from Disneyland Paris

'Young tiger' on the loose in Paris

Video of tiger on the loose in Paris

A video has now emerged of the tiger on the loose in Paris.

The search for the escaped big cat first began when a picture of it was posted on Facebook on an online community page for the town of Montevrain in the Seine-et-Marne department, east of the capital.

The tiger is thought to be located around two miles away from the Disneyland Paris tourist attraction.

The video shows the tiger gingerly appearing from beneath a vehicle in a supermarket car park in Montevrain.

A helicopter, police and firefighters equipped with tranquilliser guns were reportedly sent to the area.

Cedric Tartaud, director of the mayor's office, told the BBC: "We don't believe this tiger is totally dangerous because if it's a young tiger, maybe approximately 70kg... maybe it's afraid... maybe he can come from a circus in the cities around Montevrain. We don't know."

According to the Independent, Jean-Baptiste Berdeaux, a local supermarket manager, was quoted by the AFP News Agency saying that his wife "saw [the animal] this morning".

Sky News reports that a security cordon has been set up around a wooded area and residents have been told to stay inside their homes.

Police are hoping to catch the animal alive, but a spokesman said: "If it's possible, we'll try and put it to sleep. If it becomes dangerous or aggressive, the order will be given to kill it."

Disneyland Paris has confirmed that is not home to any tigers, so it did not come from there.

There were also reports it might have escaped from a circus that recently passed through the town, but officials said there was no tiger with the performers.

While some have suggested that it may be just be a large cat, the BBC reports that specialists said the animal tracks were those of a young tiger.

A statement from PETA about the tiger on the loose read: "PETA urges authorities to show restraint and compassion in dealing with this tiger on the loose.

Tigers who are relegated to prison-like cages in zoos and circuses are ticking time bombs. They are denied everything that is natural and important to them. Every aspect of their lives is controlled and manipulated.

"They are housed in cages that don't begin to compare to the jungles, deserts and forests that are their natural homes. They have no choice in their diets, mates or living companions.

"The physical and mental frustrations of captivity often lead to abnormal, neurotic and even self-destructive behaviour. Is it any wonder that animals who spend their lives behind bars make a break for it when an opportunity presents itself?

"This situation, however upsetting, is entirely preventable and should serve as a wake-up call to the public about the perils of keeping wild animals in captivity. PETA will be calling on the courts to punish the people responsible for putting this animal and Parisians in harm's way."

Wildlife Photographer Of the Year shortlist 2014

Wildlife Photographer Of the Year shortlist 2014

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