Passenger in foul-mouthed rant on Easyjet flight 'deserved' 15-month jail sentence

Man told his 'appalling' behaviour during flight warranted prison time

Passenger in foul-mouthed Easyjet rant 'deserved' 15-month jail sentence

A man who delivered a foul-mouthed rant at Easyjet cabin crew and fought with police when they tried to arrest him has been told he deserved the jail sentence he received.

Michael Warrilow swore at a harassed air stewardess on a flight from Amsterdam to Liverpool in October last year.

He threatened to hit a male flight attendant who asked him to stop swearing, and when the plane landed at Liverpool Airport, three police officers arrived to arrest him, but he swore and grappled with them, breaking an officer's thumb in the process.

According to the Mirror, as the plane began to descend and the crew tried to tidy he was asked to pick up a pile of crisps he had dropped but replied: "I'm not a f***ing dog, especially not your f***ing dog".

When the male flight attendant tried to intervene, Warrilow reportedly made homophobic comments. When warned the police would be called, he said: "I don't give a ****. Get away you **** before I hit you."

Warrilow, from Liverpool, was jailed for 15 months at Liverpool Crown Court in August after admitting assault causing actual bodily harm and using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour.

But his case this week went to London's Appeal Court as Warrilow claims his punishment was too harsh.

But judges ruled that he deserved the sentence he received. According to the Liverpool Echo, Lord Justice Jackson told the court: "We simply do not accept that. His conduct both during the flight and after the plane had landed was appalling.

"On any flight you have passengers with children, and others, who will be put in fear by such conduct.

"In our view 15 months for this serious and disgraceful conduct was entirely appropriate.

"We therefore dismiss the appeal."

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