Hotel guest catches snooping maid on laptop camera

Guest leaves laptop camera running and films very nosy hotel maid

Hotel guest catches hotel maid snooping on laptop camera

A hotel guest who left his laptop camera running while he went out for the day captured the maid snooping through his belongings.

Vince Stravix left his laptop open with the camera on at a "brand-named" hotel while he went out, and the maid can be seen trying to gain access to his tablet and computer, rifling through his luggage, and checking out his mail, before turning her attention to tidying the room.

Vince uploaded the footage to YouTube, where it has had over a million views. He wrote: "This happened on 5 November, 2014. I was staying at a brand-named hotel and I kept all of my items laid out in my room. Not anymore though...

"Keep your items hidden in the trunk of a car or at least hidden from view!"

One user on The Blaze wrote: "This person needs to be identified and immediately arrested for attempted burglary.....then fired for cause. She even picked the pillows up off of the floor and put them on the bed. Not very sanitary to say the least........ No telling how many people she has ripped off in the past."

Another was less severe but said she needed to be dealt with, writing: "I don't think an attempted burglary would stick. She certainly needs to be fired so fast she gets whiplash."

One user, a housekeeper herself, wrote on the "Not all housekeepers are like this! I am very careful to not touch any items left out, I dust carefully around personal belongings.

"People leave things in the worst places, it is tough to make a bed when you leave your laptop laying on it. Don't leave your money laying around either, it is a temptation for some.

"Some of the ladies I work with think any money laying on the counter is a tip, I do not take money unless it is on the pillow or in an envelope with housekeeper written on it. Don't leave prescription medication out in plain sight. I hope this person was turned it to the manager, she deserves to be fired."

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