Grandmother dies after being bitten by spider in her own home

Woman bitten by false widow spider in her Hampshire home

Woman dies after being bitten by false widow spider in her home

A grandmother has died weeks after being bitten on the finger by a false widow spider.

According to the Mirror, Pat Gough-Irwin was bitten by the venomous spider in her Hampshire home about a month ago.

The 60-year-old was forced to have the end of her finger amputated following the bite.

Although her GP reportedly told her it was unlikely to cause her serious problems, Mrs Gough-Irwin's pain gradually increased and after weeks of "absolute agony", she died in hospital, reports the Independent.

Her family say she was left 'confused and hallucinating' as her condition went downhill.

Doctors at Frimley Park Hospital are now investigating if the spider bite was the cause of her death.

If the creature was the cause, she will become the first known person to have died in the UK as a result of a spider bite.

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