Rude-looking buildings around the world

Suggestive structures in pictures, from phallic towers to vagina-shaped buildings

al wakrah stadium in qatar

Last month, residents in Paris were horrified when an inflatable Christmas tree resembling a sex toy was erected in a popular square. The 80ft suggestive sculpture was soon deflated by angry Parisians, but there are a few unintentionally rude buildings around the world that aren't so easy to pull down.

Zara Hadid's Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium Al-Wakrah, for example, was inspired by the Arabic dhow boat but many believe it looks just like a giant vagina from the sky. Cringe! Fortunately most football fans won't be getting a bird's eye view of the structure. But other buildings around the world are not so easy to ignore.

China's phallic People's Daily newspaper tower is sure to leave you blushing. The architect of this well-endowed building was forced to defend its design, telling people that it won't look like a giant penis once the scaffolding has been removed.

While the architects of some of the world's most noticeable skyscrapers may not have intentionally modelled the structures on male and female genitalia, they certainly got people talking about the unusual architecture.

Whichever way you looked at these buildings before, you'll probably never look at them the same way! Take a tour of the world's rudest buildings below.

World's rudest buildings

World's rudest buildings

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