Video captures pilot landing sideways in fierce winds

High winds at Chicago's O'Hare airport make landing extremely difficult

plane lands sideways in Chicago

Strong winds made landing at Chicago's O'Hare airport extremely challenging on Thursday.

Pilots had to draw upon all their training in order to safely land their aircrafts whilst battling the elements.

One pilot landed his plane sideways in an attempt to maneuver the plane against 40mph winds.

The plane can be seen descending at a sideways angle before straightening up at the very last moment, reports

The jet appears to travel across the whole width of the runway as it comes in for landing.

The pilot successfully lands the plane by hitting the rudder to line the nose wheel up with the runway's center line.

The wild and windy weather caused delays and up to 70 flight cancellations on Thursday, reports the Daily Mail.

Chicago has been suffering from wind-reated problems for the last week.

Powerful winds on Halloween brought massive waves, battering Chicago's Lake Shore Drive.

Plane Gets Stuck in Fencing at Chicago Airport

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