Eel swallows whole shark (video)

Dramatic video shows shark vs. eel battle with a surprising ending


The dramatic moment a white tip reef shark was swallowed whole by a giant Moray eel has been captured on camera.

Filmed by a diver, the incredible video shows the eel getting hold of the shark and holding it down as the tiny predator tries to wriggle away.

The eel manages to swallow three quarters of the shark with just its tail sticking out of the eel's mouth. The eel swims around with the shark in its mouth for a few minutes before the shark surprises viewers by escaping out of its mouth.

It may have lost out on its meal but the eel doesn't make a second attempt to eat the shark and the tiny shark casually swims close to the eel as if nothing happened.

Earlier this year, an alligator chose the wrong victim when it decided to try and eat an electric eel for lunch.

The predator was filmed pouncing on the slithery eel but instead of having a meaty lunch, it ends up being stunned and killed.

YouTube user wideowtopapl posted the video on the social media site. The footage shows the animal snapping its jaws on the eel and being shocked to death.

Electric eels can produce electric shocks of up to 600 volts. It uses the shock for hunting and self-defence.

Wonders of the sea

Wonders of the sea

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