Plane hits water buffalo during takeoff

Airline said buffalo was "essentially invisible against a black background"

spicejet aircraft from low-cost Indian carrier

A plane was grounded in India on Thursday after it crashed into a water buffalo which had wandered onto the runway at Surat Airport.

The SpiceJet plane was preparing for takeoff when it hit the animal, which died.

According to the BBC, the plane was grounded due to damage caused to the aircraft.

The airline said that the buffalo was "essentially invisible against a black background".

No passengers or cabin crew were injured and the 146 people on board were transferred to another aircraft.

An airline statement read: "Stray animals are a growing menace in some airports. This incident has affected our regular operations and hence SpiceJet flights from Surat will now be suspended indefinitely."

The Independent reports that Sanjiv Kapoor, SpiceJet's Chief Operating Officer, said the incident was "simply inexcusable" and blamed airport security for the animal getting onto the runway.

Surat Airport is investigating the incident.

Last year, a light aircraft had to land in a field in Wales and ended up hitting a sheep, which escaped without injury - while the plane was damaged.

Pilot Bernard Ridgeway attempted to land at Rhigos Airfield when he experienced engine failure.

But he was forced to land in the field next door when he couldn't make it to the runway.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch said: "The sheep was struck by the right wing which suffered damage, but the sheep appeared to escape without injury."

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