Queen star Brian May buys £10k first class seat for his guitar

Special guitar given VIP treatment on BA flight to LA

Queen star Brian May buys £10k first class seat for his guitar

Most people never get the chance to fly first class - but Brian May's guitar is so precious to him it got its very own VIP seat on a BA flight from London to Los Angeles.

The Queen rocker's Red Special guitar was due to fly in the hold as May jetted out to Hollywood for the Classic Rock Awards on Tuesday.

But when Brian found out, he requested the guitar's flight be upgraded, and splashed the obscene amount of cash so he could be certain it wouldn't get trashed in transit.

A source told the Daily Record: "There is no way he would have allowed it to be treated like any other piece of luggage.

"A member of staff and the guitar were bumped up to first class where he had to purchase a seat for it as it couldn't go in the overhead locker.

"It was the only option so he made sure it was treated to the full VIP works. There are few things in Brian's life that he is as passionate about as his guitar."

It's not surprising the guitar is so special to him - he made it in his father's workshop in Feltham, Middlesex, around 40 years ago, reports The Hamilton Spectator.

According to the Daily Mail, the Red Special is credited as being key part of Queen's signature sound.

The paper adds that Queen recently recruited American Idol winner Adam Lambert to be their lead singer, and May said: "We are going to keep going for as long as we can, forever hopefully."

Celebrity inflight antics

Celebrity inflight antics

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