Plane in emergency landing at Dublin airport after cabin fills with smoke

There were 140 passengers and crew on board the jet

Emergency landing at Dublin airport

A passenger jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Dublin airport after the cockpit filled with smoke.

The United Airlines 925 plane, travelling from London's Heathrow Airport to Washington, declared an emergency over the Irish Sea and landed in Dublin at around 6.15 pm, reports the Irish Mirror.

According to the Irish Independent, the crew was forced to don their oxygen masks after reporting there was smoke and fumes on the flight-deck and in the forward cabin area.

The crew sought permission to dump fuel so that they could land within safe landing weight limits. Several tonnes of aviation fuel was dumped before the jet landed.

Moments before landing on the airports's secondary runway, the crew had to abort the approach because of poor weather and went around for a second attempt and Dublin's main runway.

There were 140 passengers and crew on board the jet.

Dublin Fire Brigade quickly responded to the scene.

Normal operations soon resumed at the airport after the runway was inspected.

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