How to survive a plane crash

This video could save your life

How to Survive an in-Flight Emergency

Despite the extremely unlikely chances of being involved in a plane crash or in-flight emergency, everyone worries about flight safety when they are travelling.

Airlines take their safety training very seriously, and, as this video from BA shows, cabin crew and pilots are put through their paces so that they know exactly how to deal with an emergency should it arise.

With 17,000 cabin crew and 4,000 pilots trained at British Airway's centre in London, these regular sessions are held to help staff they learn how to best help passengers (and themselves) in a series of simulated exercises.

Andy Chubb, BA safety trainer says that although the training is taken extremely seriously, there are some enjoyable moments on the course: "The highlight of the course is using the inflatable emergency slides - everybody loves going down them."

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