'Flying' dolphin photobombs newlyweds' first kiss picture

Dolphin steals the show as couple enjoy first kiss at wedding

Dolphin photobombs couple's first kiss at wedding

This is the incredible moment a couple had their wedding photo photobombed by a 'flying' dolphin.

Alexis and Steve Espey tied the knot earlier this year and were left stunned when the mammal tried to take centre stage on their big day.

The couple were enjoying the celebrations at Marineland Dolphin Adventure in St. Augustine when the dolphin stole a march on their first kiss.

The Greatest Animal Photobombs of All Time

The newlyweds were thrilled when they looked back at the snaps, by wedding photographers Sarah and Ben McLachlan, to see the dolphin stealing the limelight.

Sarah told Caters News: "The reaction to the picture of the dolphin appearing when Steve and Alexis kissed has been incredible.

"The dolphins appearing at their wedding was a really special moment, and was perfectly timed with their first kiss at the end of the ceremony.

"Everyone was already clapping for the couple, but when the dolphins jumped everyone went wild as though it was something from the movies - it was magical

"Later the couple got to take a few other photos with the dolphins, including our favourite one with two of them peering over the tank as Steve stole a kiss.

"It was a truly magical day."

Animal photobombs

Animal photobombs

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