Video shows bubbles freezing in icy forest for first time

Magical scene as bubbles freeze in snowy Canadian forest

Video shows bubbles freezing in icy conditions for first time

A wonderful natural phenomenon that shows washing up bubbles freezing in the air has been captured on film for the first time - creating a truly magical scene.

Footage shows children in a snowy Canadian forest near Whistler blowing bubbles, mixed in the traditional washing-up liquid and water way, that freeze as soon as they hit the sub-zero air before dropping to the ground.

The unique process of bubbles crystallising and turning into hollow 'ice balls' is caught on camera, and the ice patterns on the bubbles are beautiful.

The bubbles are firm enough to be held on a palm, then when they fall to the ground and pop, they create a pretty scene as ice shatters in different directions.

The film was shot to promote a new Sony 4K television, and a HD camera four times sharper than the standard HD was used, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Director Leila de Blinkk told the Metro that she was "blown away by the beauty of the intricate patterns that the freezing of the bubbles' surface was creating at very low temperature".

She added: "The feather, flower, and star ice shapes were so delicate and mesmerising when they reflected light.

"To bring out all these details in 4K was to almost discover a new world that we didn't suspect existed."

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