Video shows scary plane landing in Madeira in strong winds

Video shows Tui holiday flight struggling to land

Plane's Rocky Descent in Strong Winds Alarms Onlookers

Here's another video to add to our collection of scary plane landings.

Passengers on a Tui flight experienced a hairy landing at Madeira Airport recently when their plane appeared to be almost blown off course as it tried to reach the runway.

The flight, on October 20, started to wobble before banking right and left before managing to straighten up just in time.

Heavy winds at Madeira Airport were believed to have been caused the the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo. They made conditions rather challenging for pilots trying to land on the runway.

This video, taken by Flavio Silva, shows the plane on its descent. He said the landing made scary viewing - and not surprisingly, the pilot has been praised for his professional landing on YouTube.

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