Woman gives birth on plane and loses premature baby

A woman lost her baby after going into labour mid-air on Malaysia Airlines flight

Woman gives birth on plane and loses premature baby

An Australian woman went into premature labour on board a Malaysia Airlines flight - and eventually lost her baby.

Flight MH135 from Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane made an emergency landing in Denpasar on Friday at around 2.10pm.

The woman was rushed to hospital but her baby had died by the time she arrived.

Head of medical services Diah Ratna Dewi said the baby of around 24 weeks had already been delivered by the time they arrived and was deceased.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, she said: "We estimate the baby was born 1 to 1.5 hours before we received her," she said.

"According to the patient, there had been no problems with her pregnancy."

The plane was delayed at the airport for around two hours before continuing its journey to Brisbane at 4.14pm.

Back in May, a British Airways flight from Nigeria to London was diverted to Majorca when a woman gave birth just 26 weeks into her pregnancy.

The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing on the Spanish island after Ujunwa Ozeh, 31, went into labour at 36,000 feet.

According to The Guardian, BA cabin crew helped medical staff at the airport in Palma with the baby.

Ozeh gave birth in Business Class on the Boeing 777 carrying 296 passengers, the Daily Mailreports.

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