Which UK city has the worst behaved hotel guests?

Britons have bad bedroom manners when staying in hotels

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Guests from Birmingham are among the worst hotel guests in the UK, according to a new survey of British holiday behaviour.

lastminute.com found that guests from Coventry, Portsmouth and Birmingham were the most likely to be kicked out of hotels for bad behaviour.

The most common reason for being required to leave is drunken loud behaviour, says the study.

The survey also found that using false names was common when checking in - with five per cent using hotels to cheat on their partner. Words: PA

Based on responses from 2,000 people, the poll also showed that 33 per cent of Brits left their bedroom lights on all day, 21 per cent insisted on fresh towels daily, most pilfered toiletries and five per cent used their room to party.

Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop and Donald Duck were among false names given at check-in while 10 per cent made up stories to get a room upgrade, with pretending to be celebrating a birthday the most popular ruse.

Martin Kleinman, director of hotel supply at lastminute.com, said: "Our research reveals that many Brits lead a bit of a hotel double life and get up to all sorts when away from home.

"For most, it's about relaxing and hanging out, but for some it's morphing into Mickey Mouse or fibbing their way to an upgrade."

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