Driverless buses to be introduced in the UK

Computer controlled lorries and cars are also in development

Driverless buses could be introduced in the UK in the near future

Driverless buses could be hitting UK roads in the near future.

One of the UK's major operator has already held talks about introducing computer-controlled buses in the UK.

Transport minister Claire Perry claimed that automated buses would be able to provide "better and more frequent" services, particularly in rural areas.

"A major component of rural transport is the cost of the driver – and so a truly driverless bus could transform rural public transport in the future," she said in a statement.

"Driverless technology is the future. We can't avoid it and I don't want us to. I can also understand that some drivers will be - at the very least - unsure of them," she added.

Speaking at the Driverless Vehicles Conference, she revealed that work was already under way to identify any problematic "regulatory issues" which could prevent the vehicles being rolled out on roads across Britain, reports the Telegraph.

According to the International Business Times, Perry also claimed that 2015 could be the year of the driverless car and lorry if new research into their acceptability among road users is able to "reassure the public that we are careful of the risk".

"I have asked my officials to implement alongside the trials a study of driver and road user behaviour. I do believe this is important as a means to reassure the public that we are careful of the risk, but also recognising the need for progress," Perry said.

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