Video: Crocodile spotted in Crete

Reptile has sparked terror on the Greek island

Return of crocodile in Crete

A 6ft crocodile that sparked terror on the Greek island of Crete in July has been spotted again on the banks of lake Amari in Rethymo.

Nickos Sarantos captured the footage from his quadcopter on Monday, reports the Telegraph.

It is not yet known if it is the same crocodile that terrified farmers and residents this past summer.

The crocodile mysteriously appeared in a man-made lake on the island in July, reports the Independent.

Crocodiles are not native to Greece or anywhere in Europe so it is not know how the reptile got there, although, according to the Guardian, the crocodile is believed to have been abandoned.

Video footage of the crocodile was captured by an unmanned drone flown over the lake in July.

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