Cheeky puppy tries to pull woman's bikini top off at beach (video)

Cute puppy grabs hold of bikini top strings - and won't let go

Cute puppy tries to pull woman's bikini off at beach

A woman trying to sunbathe at the beach almost had a major wardrobe malfunction - after a cheeky, but very cute, puppy tried to take her bikini top off.

The mischievous pup grabs hold of the Kendra Moriah's bikini top strings and proceeds to run around trying its best to pull at the stripy top much to Kendra's amused dismay.

She is seen laughing as the puppy jumps around her intent on his task and not at all keen to drop the strings and maintain his owner's modesty.

Kendra, who, according to the Mirror, has a band called Dirty Little Blondes, is seen wearing the same bikini for one of her videos, which is a cover of the Little Mermaid song, 'Part Of Your World'.

So she must have escaped the 'puppy attack' unscathed...

Meanwhile, back in May, another cheeky puppy left a family £400 down.

The Dear family's five-month-old Labrador ate their £400 holiday money the day before they set off for a four-day break in Torremolinos, Spain.

Mum-of-two Donnah Dear said she had left the family's holiday cash on the kitchen table but when she returned it had gone. She and partner Ben Lawson realised their puppy Murphy must have eaten it.

Wildlife Photographer Of the Year shortlist 2014

Wildlife Photographer Of the Year shortlist 2014

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