Easyjet passengers asked to leave flight after plane 'too heavy'

10 passengers removed and paid £250 compensation


Easyjet passengers removed from flight as plane too heavy

Easyjet passengers were asked to volunteer to get off a plane because it was too heavy for the wind conditions.

The captain of the flight from London Southend Airport in Essex to Malaga said wind conditions meant the weight of the Airbus made it too dangerous to take off.

Then, as the plane sat on the tarmac, crew members asked passengers to leave the plane, and 10 people agreed to for £250 compensation.

According to Travel Mole, one passenger said: "The biggest mystery is the fact they asked exactly ten passengers to leave, but some were fat, some were thin, some had luggage and some didn't.

"Quite a few people put their hands up and easyJet just selected a few at random. How can they be sure this brought the plane down to a safe weight? It's not very reassuring."

Speaking to the Mail Online, an Easyjet spokesperson said: "Easyjet can confirm that some passengers on a recent flight from London Southend to Malaga were asked to take a later flight as weather conditions at Southend meant the aircraft would be too heavy to take off with all onboard.

"Like all airlines, we calculate weight using high average estimates for males and females, along with 20kg baggage. In line with EU rules, the passengers who did not travel on the flight were offered £250 compensation and a transfer on to an alternative flight to Malaga.

"Easyjet would like to apologise to the passengers for the delay to their journey."

Back in June, a similar incident occurred on an Easyjet flight at Southend Airport when Towie stars reportedly grounded the plane as it was 200 kilos overweight.

According to the Mirror, flight attendants had to offer £100, a taxi service to Luton airport and tickets on a later flight for any volunteers willing to get off.

Four women eventually agreed to the deal half an hour later, and the plane was safe to continues its journey.

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