The world's most over-the-top hotel perks

Free Lambourghini, anyone?

amazing hotel perks

Ever wondered how the rich and famous are really treated at hotels? From sunshine butlers to free Lamborghinis, the world's most luxurious hotels know exactly how to keep their guests happy.

When it comes to living the high life and staying at super hotels designed specifically for the mega-rich, it's no wonder there are some extravagant perks for splurging on a stay.

If you thought complimentary WiFi was as good as it gets, you were wrong as there are hotels that offer hangover concierges, celebrity wake-up calls and even a 'kidnapping' service! has picked the most over-the-top perks offered by hotels around the world.

Check out some of the best below:

Hotel perks you won't believe exist

Hotel perks you won't believe exist

Now see our pick of the most amazing hotel services...

Hotels with amazing extras

Hotels with amazing extras

And check out some of the weirdest...

Weird hotel services

Weird hotel services

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