Man arrested for "aggressively mopping" hotel floor

John Thornton charged with breach of peace

man arrested after mopping hotel floor

A man has been arrested in America after allegedly grabbing a hotel cleaner's mop and "aggressively mopping" the floor.

The bizarre incident happened at the Double Tree hotel in Bristol on Monday when John Thornton spotted the cleaner doing a bad job of cleaning the floor.

According to the Independent, the 30-year-old took the mop and started "becoming aggressive".

Police spokesman Lt Donn Watson said: "[Thornton] then began to mop the floor but became more aggressive and mopped over the employee's shoes several times.

"(He then) turned his back to the employee and forcibly backed into her pushing her into a corner."

The Daily Mirror reports that the cleaner was "shaking and crying" when police arrived and wanted to press charges.

Thornton was arrested and charged with breach of peace.

Upon making further threats against police, he was charged with 'threatening in the second degree'.

According to The Huffington Post, he posted a $20,000 bail and will appear in Bristol Superior Court on 27 October.

In August, a hotel owner in the Czech Republic got so fed up of people urinating outside his building that he put up a sign warning offenders he would film them in the act and post the footage on YouTube.

The sign is in Mikulov, a wine-making tourist town sitting on the southern border of the Czech Republic and Austria.

The owner of the Hotel Marcinčák came up with the warning after becoming so fed up with people peeing against his wall.

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