Plane crashes into house in Melbourne killing pilot

Pilot dies after plane exploded on impact

Plane crashes into house in Melbourne killing pilot

An "amateur built" light aircraft has crashed into a home in Melbourne, Australia, killing the pilot.

Witnesses said the plane had stalled and collided with a the corner of a house before bursting into flames.

An elderly woman, Herta Nebert, was in her home at the time the plane crashed. According to the BBC, she heard a "tremendous roar", followed by loud bang, adding: "I fell on my knees because the shockwaves came straight from the window and the glass was all over the place.

"I think I'm a very lucky woman. I'm glad to be alive."

Andrew Delaney, from the Country Fire Authority, said the pilot appeared to have bravely directed his plane away from a nearby busy shopping strip and children's playground.

According to the Guardian, he said: "[It's a] very brave, very brave activity that he conducted.

"If you have a look he's missed the power lines so he's done a very good job and missed houses really. He's just collected a bit of the fence and pretty much guided his plane down the laneway."

Witness John Kovac posted pictures of the scene on Twitter. First of all he wrote: "I think I've just seen a plane crash in Chelsea!!!"

He then posted two pictures of the aftermath:

Acting Inspector Janine Denton from Victoria Police said the plane caught fire on impact and damaged two vehicles.

Speaking to ABC News, she said: "We're told by witnesses there was a stall of the engine and it's come down and collided with a corner of a house and ended up in a laneway behind that house.

"At this point we believe it may be a homemade aircraft."

The pilot, who died on impact, was in his 70s.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), which is investigating the crash, said the aircraft was an "amateur built" Van's RV-6.

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