X Factor contestants 'flew economy class to Judges' Houses, not first'

Singers sent back to economy seats after filming scenes

x factor contestants flew economy class not first

While it may have appeared the X Factor contestants jetted off to the Judges' Houses in luxury, enjoying the champagne and flat beds in first class, a show insider has said they were later asked to take their seats in economy after filming scenes for the TV show.

In the Judges' Houses episodes, the young singers are seen relaxing in British Airways' first class cabin.

However a source told The Mirror: "The singers were summoned from the rather less salubrious confines of economy to sit in the first class seats and told to make out they were having a lovely time for the cameras."

"Champagne bottles were popped and they were all told to laugh and joke around as if they were having the time of their lives.

"But no sooner had they settled in and sipped some of the champers, they were told to get back to their seats in economy once filming duties were complete."

Meanwhile, X Factor finalists Paul Akister and Jake Quickenden have denied causing chaos on the flight home from Mexico after singing for Mel B and Emma Bunton.

"Not going to lie, we had a few wines," Quickenden told Digital Spy.

"I had five bottles of red wine - the little bottles! We literally laughed for about 20 minutes straight, and then I fell asleep for six hours."

But a passenger on the flight in September, when the Judges' Houses stage was filmed, told The Sun: "These boys were on a mission as soon as they got on the plane. They started ordering as many drinks as they could and were knocking them back like they were going out of fashion.

"It wasn't long before they started shouting and acting the fool. They were really annoying the other passengers. It was a night flight so most people were trying to sleep but it was impossible.

"The stewards were forced to get involved. They told the lads they would not serve them another drop and warned them they would be in big trouble if they didn't sort themselves out."

Celebrity inflight antics

Celebrity inflight antics

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