Couple bang on airport window to get pilot's attention after missing flight

American Airlines passengers' unusual method for getting onto plane


A couple who missed a flight refused to give up, banging on the airport window to grab the pilot's attention.

Footage of the pair begging the flight's crew to "please open" the door was captured for one and a half minutes.

The man is seen waving his boarding pass and frantically trying to get on the plane.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by the passenger who witnessed the pair's unusual method and captioned: "American Airlines (AA) Passengers missed the boarding and goes bonkers in the Airport terminal. Starts waving and shouting at Pilot to board him.

"... They eventually missed the flight."

Last year, a Chinese official was suspended from his job after throwing an almighty tantrum when he missed his flight at Kunmings Changshui International Airport.

Yan Linkun, who is a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and his wife missed their boarding call after enjoying a leisurely breakfast and when they arrive at their gate they were told they were too late to fly.

And saying he didn't react well to the news would be something of an understatement.

Linkun was seen talking aggressively to an airline staff member before grabbing the computer at the boarding gate desk and smashing it on the floor.

This was followed by the phone, and then the boarding gate sign, which he grabbed and started using to try and break down the door to the tarmac.

A crowd soon appeared to witness the outrageous behaviour, and security staff didn't appear to do too much to stop the outburst.

Funniest late airport arrival excuses

Funniest late airport arrival excuses

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