Parents' horror as baby scratched by vulture at Knowsley Safari Park

Bird landed on boy's head during display

baby attacked by vulture at knowsley safari

A baby boy was injured after a vulture landed in his pram during a birds of prey display at Knowsley Safari Park.

The infant, Cruz, was scratched when the American Black Vulture landed on his head at the Merseyside tourist attraction.

His mother Sherina Conway, from Wirral, has spoken about the incident and told the Liverpool Echo: "He could have been blinded."

Her husband Phil said the birds "started flying around, but they were getting really close to the spectators heads."

Phil added: "It flew over our heads, and Sherina ducked down, but then I didn't see the vulture take off.

baby injured by vulture at knowsley safari park

"When I turned around it was on Cruz's head scraping him. Its claws were all over his head and he was crying hysterically. I panicked and had to strike the bird to get it away."

Cruz was treated by the park's first aid team and his parents were offered advice.

The BBC reports that after the incident the park said babies would now be required to sit on their parents' knees and prams would no longer be allowed in the bird display area.

Gauntlet Birds of Prey, which runs the birds of prey display at the park, released a statement saying: "The vulture was participating in the standard display. He hopped onto the soft hood of the pram, and it collapsed, causing the bird to hop forward onto the baby before immediately hopping off.

"Our experienced bird handlers who were in attendance on the day have advised that the vulture did not attack the baby or try to carry it away. However, understandably the family would naturally have been distressed by what they have seen."

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