Speeding truck filmed carrying three skips in Kent

Driver thought it was a good idea to load three skips onto one truck

Lorry loaded with three skips caught on camera in Kent

A truck driver in Kent obviously thought it was a good idea to play Jenga with his goods - by stacking three skips on top of each other on the back of his lorry.

The vehicle was spotted speeding across a roundabout in Kent by fellow driver Duncan Pout.

According to the Metro, Duncan wrote on his Facebook page: "The first roundabout I followed it round the tyres were off the ground."

Mario Campion, 57, who runs A-Skip4U, defended his driver saying the height was not illegal, but did say he would tell him not to stack the skips so high in future.

Speaking to Kent Online, he said: "It looks high, and I've instructed the worker driving the lorry not to stack it that high again, but it does not exceed the legal weight or height limit.

"We use a compressor to push the waste so the skip on top can squash in.

"In this case it was bulky wood which does not compress, but he put all three on there anyway so the skips were stacked higher.

"There were also four chains pulling the skips down."

According to the Scotsman, he added: "No wheels came off the ground.

"He could have been going a bit slower around the roundabout but air suspension stops too much tipping and the skips were hydraulically chained and pulled down."

Mr Campion also hit out at the footage, adding: "The person who took the video ought to think about his own actions. He was using a mobile phone at the wheel which is dangerous.

"I've been running this business since 1984 and never had a lorry tip over."

Kent Police said nobody had reported the incident and they were not actively investigating.

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