Video: Pilot waves goodbye - using his plane wings

Boeing 747-8 jet performs daring stunt as 'thank you' to airbase staff


This video shows a brand new Boeing 747-8 jet performing a pretty daring 'goodbye' gesture to the staff at the airbase at which it was manufactured.

Apparently the 'wing wave' is standard procedure when a new aircraft takes its maiden voyage - it's a kind of thank you gesture to the people who have created it - but it's highly unusual for it to be performed so low on the ground. Pilots usually wait until the aircraft has reached at least 2,000 ft before attempting the stunt.

The plane was departing from Paine Field Airport in Washington, USA, home to the Boeing Everett Factory where the company's jets are assembled.

The video, shared by ViralVideoUK, shows the jet, dubbed "Queen of the Skies' shows just what this amazing aircraft can do.

According to the Daily Mail, each jet of this calibre is worth £222.5 million. So it's a good job the pilot knew what he was doing...

Incredible views from plane windows

Incredible views from plane windows

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