Jetstar plane turns back over Ebola alert

Australian flight makes emergency landing after passenger vomits blood


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A Jetstar flight from Sydney to Darwin returned to Sydney for an emergency landing after a passenger started vomiting blood during the flight's ascent on Wednesday night.

A man in his 50s was greeted by paramedics and quarantine officials, including a woman wearing a white hazardous materials suit when the flight touched down in Sydney, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The hazardous material suit is currently being worn by medical staff caring for Ebola patients.

Nine News reported the passenger was 'vomiting blood'.

A Jetstar spokesman said that the passenger had a pre-existing medical condition. He added that it was not contagious and there is no concern of Ebola.

"About an hour out of Sydney there was a decision made to return to Sydney because it was the nearest diversion point and a medical situation had emerged on board," he said.

"A passenger presented fairly unwell and ill they were vomiting and we did some investigating and it was determined they had a pre-existing medical condition.

"We were given advice that in the interest of their well-being that we should turn back so they could get medical treatment."

Around 140 people were on board the flight, which landed in Sydney at around 12am, reports the Daily Mail. The passenger were forced to leave the plane and stay overnight in a hotel.

Quarantine officials examined the plane and the passenger was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for treatment.

Jetstay confirmed the plane had been forced to return to Sydney via Twitter.
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