Virgin train passenger 'almost faints' when charged £1k to travel to London

Group of 38 boarded wrong train in Birmingham

Man almost faints charged £1k to travel from Birmingham to Euston

A man reportedly 'almost fainted' when a ticket inspector informed him he owed £1,048 for train tickets to London - after boarding the wrong train.

The man was travelling with 38 family and friends who had pre-paid London Midland tickets from Birmingham New Street to London Euston.

But they accidentally boarded a 10.30am Virgin Trains service on Monday instead.

A ticket inspector discovered their error and gave the group the option of paying £800 to travel to the next stop - 100 miles away in Watford - or face a heftier fine and possible court prosecution.

They paid the full amount to complete their journey to London Euston.

An onlooker told the Birmingham Mail: "It was a pretty heart-stopping moment.

"He looked a little faint and I'm not surprised really, I mean, it's such a lot of money.

"The inspector was very matter of fact about it all and I understand he was doing his job – but it was an honest mistake.

"I think allowances should be made when it does look like a genuine error."

Virgin Trains said the group could have saved more than £600 if they had booked with them in advance.

A spokesman told the Birmingham Mail: "If people are travelling in large groups we encourage them to make the most of our group offers; on our Birmingham to London route, fares would start at £7.50 for an adult single fare (£3.75 for children).

"That would mean all 39 could have travelled for a maximum price of less than £300.

"Unfortunately, if passengers have booked to travel with another operator their tickets are not valid on Virgin Trains' services."

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