Hundreds of flea eggs burst out of backpacker's foot after Tanzania holiday

Chigoe flea burrowed into Matthew O'Donnell's skin

backpacker finds flea eggs in foot after tanzania trip

A university graduate who travelled to Tanzania on a backpacking holiday returned to find hundreds of flea eggs bursting out of his foot.

Matthew O'Donnell, 22, didn't notice that a chigoe flea had burrowed into his skin until weeks after he was back in the UK.

He discovered the eggs while at his home in East Sussex after feeling a tingling sensation.

According to the Daily Mail, a black bug came out of his skin and was followed by hundreds of eggs.

He told The Plymouth Herald: "I looked down to see a lump, I thought 'What on earth is that?'

"A tiny black bug dropped out, followed by 100 little white eggs tumbling after it.

"It seems this insect used me as a free ticket back from Tanzania only to pop out of my foot a month later."

Matthew said he went to see a doctor who gave him the all clear.

He added: "It was pretty creepy. I've basically acted as a walking incubator for a month without knowing or giving my permission. I wasn't sure whether to laugh at the situation or run into my kitchen hysterically shouting at 3am to cut my foot off with a carving knife."

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