Modern Family editor live-tweets plane passenger's 'drunk meltdown'

Ryan Case in 67-tweet rant about 'worst person in the world'


Modern Family editor live tweets fellow plane passenger drunken meltdown

An editor and director of Modern Family was stuck on a long-haul flight with a passengers so annoying she live-tweeted the experience to her 15,000 followers.

Ryan Case got stuck behind the "worst person in the world" - called Nadia - who she claims had a drunken meltdown on a flight from New York to LA so bad that the police were called.

She kept her followers up to date with Nadia's antics in a Twitter narrative that spanned over 60 messages.

It started off when she described her as the worst person in the world, before going on to describe her antics:

Ryan, 34, continues to make jokes about tranquilising her and commenting on her behaviour.

Modern Family editor live tweets fellow plane passenger's drunk meltdown

The woman continues to talk loudly drinking a vast amount of vodka, while a host of complaints are made about her.

At the end of the flight Ryan tweets:

But that didn't appear to the case:

Read the hilarious account on Ryan's Twitter page here:

Modern Family Director Shames Plane Passenger During Drunken Mid-Flight Meltdown: Read The Hilarious 67-Tweet Rant!

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