Is this the biggest spider in Britain?

Man spots huge tube web spider in Devon


Huge tube web spider in Devon

A man in Devon believes his house might be home to one of the biggest spiders in Britain.

Darren Driscoll has a funnel-shaped nest on the outside of his house in Plymouth with a tube spider in it that has doubled in size over the last few weeks.

According to the Metro, he said: "It is a really aggressive little thing, no fear at all."

He poked at the nest with a blade of grass and added: "It instantly charged out to grab the piece of grass. By the look of it I would say it had more than doubled in size from when I first saw it two months ago."

Tube web spiders can grow up to an inch long and like to eat bees.

They come from Europe and North Africa, but have been invading British towns such as Bristol, Gloucester, Dover, Whitstable, Canterbury and Sheffield.

Darren said he'd heard a tube web spider bite is "like being stabbed with a nail".

According to the Mirror, he added: "I'm not worried about getting bitten right now as it's quite out the way.

"But if it heads inside for the winter then I might be in trouble."

It was recently reported that Britain's homes are set to be invaded by giant spiders in the coming weeks - after a warm summer has seen arachnids grow.

Experts warn the balmy summer provided perfect conditions for the eight-legged creatures to thrive, as they've had plenty to eat and few have died.

And as temperatures soon fall, they'll be moving indoors to find a mate, say experts at Sydney University.

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