Holidaymakers rescued after canal boat starts sinking in lock

Couple rescued after boat gets stuck in UK lock

Holidaymakers rescued after canal boat sinks in lock

Two holidaymakers had to scramble to safety after their canal boat started sinking in a lock.

The £80,000 rented narrowboat began to sink after becoming wedged at the back of Kegworth New Lock on the River Soar, near Kegworth, Leicestershire.

The boat reportedly hit the sill at the back of the 12ft-deep lock and the couple on board were unable to free it as the water continued to drop.

According to the Travel Mole, rescuers stepped in when water began to seep into the front of the boat, leaving lock keepers unable to reflood the lock in case it completely submerged the boat.

The boat was left at a 30-degree angle in the lock while a team battled for eight hours to refloat it and get the passengers out.

A woman in her 60s was treated at the scene for head injuries sustained while escaping the boat.

According to the Metro, the boat was rented from Wyvern Shipping, which said it had lost £1000 worth of furniture to the incident.

The Daily Mail reports that managing director James Griffin said the couple who hired the narrowboat were "experienced boaters", but were caught out by the depth of the lock, which was several feet deeper than the average lock.

He added that the couple had been "quite unlucky", but that they were back on the water and continuing with their three-week boating holiday.

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