Video: Drunk man tries (and fails) to walk two steps

Man tries to stagger down street but can't quite manage it


A video of a man who appears to be extremely drunk is taking the internet by storm.

Showing the true meaning of the phrase 'one step forward, two steps back', the unfortunate man is unable to make any progress, and keeps falling backwards, held up only by a gate post.

The video was taken from a pub in Hackney, London, reports the Daily Mail. The Youtube video was posted by OnTime.

The poor man eventually gave up trying to walk anywhere, and ended up slumped on the ground next to the gate.

Many of us watching this video will be able to relate to the man's struggle.

But at some points, the man looks like he might fall and really hurt himself. Which makes us wonder: should someone have stepped in to help him rather than just video him?

Passengers behaving badly

Passengers behaving badly

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